Friday, September 9, 2011

More Quilting for Fire Victims

I've been pretty busy quilting tops for the Bastrop fire victims. My mom asked if maybe it would be better to donate blankets and of course donating blankets or other items would be great. I think when you receive a blanket after you have lost everything, you will feel like you have the blanket you need, but when you receive a quilt that is made with love that you will know that people out there care, which of course, we do. I think there is something about receiving a quilt that makes you feel special.

My grandmother made us all quilts. I'm not sure if she is color blind or what, but I have heard comments basically stating that they are the ugliest quilts that the person ever saw. I loved my quilt. I slept with it all the time and used it for building forts and keeping warm, and every time we moved that quilt went with me. It was well used for a good 25 years before it mostly fell apart and even then I couldn't bear to part with it and would find all kinds of uses for it. I have lots of fond memories involving that one quilt, the only quilt that was mine growing up.

I've seen a number of ugly quilt contests and there are a couple of things that always strike me. I don't think very many of them are that ugly and wonder why people would enter the quilt. I also find that the ones that I do think are ugly someone else thinks is wonderful and is making the same comment about liking it that I am making about another. My point is that every quilt will have someone that likes it. So if you have an unfinished top or a completely quilt that you just think is atrocious and can't stand to look at, please donate it to the fire victims. I guarantee that someone will appreciate it.

I dropped off quilts at the Quilt Haus in New Braunfels yesterday and they still have a number of quilts that need to be quilted. If you need to practice your quilting, this would be a good opportunity to do so and benefit people in the process. When I first started using my quilting machine, the instructor of the class told us that the perfect way to practice was to do donation quilts and this is a great opportunity.

Here are some pictures of the two quilts I dropped off yesterday in the hopes that they will inspire someone to make a donation quilt. Simple quilts made from scraps can still turn out quilt lovely.

Back to quilting for me. Have a great and safe weekend.

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