Saturday, September 17, 2011


Friday, my MIL and I took the bear cub and Darth Baby to the San Antonio Quilting Guild show in Live Oak. It's a small show that seemed smaller this year, but I always enjoy it. This year I took lots of pictures. In fact I think I got pictures of almost every quilt. I my pictures from the show on my site in a list, but I'm going to share some of my favorites with you.

Remembrance. I love the words in the quilt.

Baskets, Baskets -- Fruit and Flowers. I love the use of colors in this one.

Zebra Safari. It's a small applique quilt that makes me want to do a series, even though applique isn't really my forte

Old Sol. This one was inspired by a class. I'm going to have to find some classes to take, and hopefully one by Susan Carlson.

Cannonball Dahlia. This is actually from a pattern that I saw for sale. I considered picking it up.

Shadows of New Mexico -- Mission Churches. I would love to see a version for the beautiful missions we have in San Antonio.

Robynn's Renaissance on Pointe. This is a machine embroidered quilt. I love the material used, too, which was a luxury fabric.

The Wedding. When I eventually do a wedding ring quilt, I will likely do one with a base color other than white. This picture doesn't really show the beautiful purple used.

Color Me Happy. I love the way the black makes this scrap quilt really pop.

I'm going to post the miniature quilts in a subsequent post as I want to share them all. I'd love to post all the art quilts, too, but my pictures of them didn't come out well enough to really do a separate post. If you want to see them, on my link they start at #285 and end at #312.

My favorite was this one. Tattoo Virgin. At first glance I thought it was just painted on the fabric and then quilted, but it is actually applique.

Flying Home. I liked the spin on a very traditional quilt. It was in the group quilt category.

Dotty. It's a block of the month sampler.

I was surprised by a few things. One thing was how fabulous the quilts from kits and block of the months came out. Where are the quilters finding these wonderful patterns? Another thing that surprised me was that while I normally see a lot of other people taking pictures, this time I saw a lot of people taking pictures of themselves with certain quilts (and I know they weren't the artists) like they would in front of a tourist statue or the like. Also surprising was how many of the quilter's names I recognized. The last surprise was that there was a young girl with Ds there that upon seeing the bear cub came and picked her up and they instantly bonded. I wasn't there or I would have gotten a picture, but my MIL said that the bear cub recognized herself in the girl and acted like she does in front of the mirror.

I really need to enter one year. I really think I would like to see my quilts hanging with all the others. I don't think I'd possibly win any of the categories in a San Antonio show as I didn't agree with most of the judges decisions and they seem to favor traditional patterns and colors and I don't really do quilts like that.

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