Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trip to the Lego Store

The last time I was in Austin I went to the Lego Store. I hadn't been to one before and we made a special trip to a mall on the other side of town that we never go to. I also went to Auntie Anne's pretzels, too, which I hadn't had since before my pregnancy with the nerdlet.

Here are some of the displays. They were behind glass so my photos didn't come out that well.

The Death Star $400.

The store was really crowded or I would have gotten pictures of all the displays. They also had one wall where you could select specific pieces and fill a bucket for purchase. I never had Legos when I was little or I might have bought some of the specialty pieces, but I didn't really know what each piece was for just by looking at them. As it was I was tempted to buy one of the large sheets that act as a base.

I did buy two small Lego sets (though not from the Lego store) and both sets were missing pieces. I was quite upset since Legos aren't cheap and I would expect a much, much higher level of quality control. However, I went to their site and found it extremely easy to order replacement pieces. Also, I got three separate emails from representatives assuring me that the issue would be taken care of and that the pieces were on route to me. I emailed them when I discovered the missing pieces which was on a Sunday and the first email reply I got back was within an hour. Anyway, I was very impressed by their customer service.

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