Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Quilts for Bastrop

Recently I am very pleased with the caring that seems to be around. A number of adoptions that I have been watching have become fully funded, including Amy's adoption of Liam, so thank you to everyone that donated to that. Also while not fully funded, I have seen large jumps in a number of other adoptions also. The other thing that pleased me immensely is that although the Bastrop fires last count is over 1700 homes lost or very damaged, they are no longer in need of clothing. This means that an awful lot of people have given. If you still wish to donate money or item, here is a link to what they need and where to donate. There is even a link to donate money online (through Paypal, I think).

In the last five days, I have completed 8 quilts, 7 of which were tops made by other people for the fire victims of Bastrop. This is a quilting record for me. I've made more than one quilt in a day before and also quilted a quilt a day over the course of a number of days, but I've never quilted some many quilts so quickly. Granted the donated quilts are all lap sized quilts, but I'm still feeling fairly productive. I've also learned that there is a mess limit where Q will actually start cleaning instead of just leaving it to me, and it isn't near as high a limit as I would have thought. He told me it is romantic cleaning for our anniversary which was yesterday, which makes me very happy.

Here are pictures of some of the quilt tops.
Very simple design of non-traditional fabrics. I was worried how the quilting machine would handle the denser fabric, but it sewed through it smoothly.

This has to be one of my favorite donated quilts that I've quilted (and not just now but including the ones I've done in the past, too).

This quilt was so perfectly stitched and pressed that my MIL thought it was cheater's cloth until we turned it over.

I'm pretty sure this quilt and the next were done by the same person. I love the dark and bright colors used.

I love the butterflies in this quilting pattern. I don't use it very often because I have to run the machine at half the speed or less than I normally do, but I really wanted to bring the butterflies from the fabric into the quilting.

I decided to run two quilts at the same time using two different quilting patterns. I definitely will not be doing that again.

I wish there was a way to ensure that everyone that lost their homes would receive quilts, and while I can't do that I plan on doing what I can. I read a post in another forum about donating quilts and a lot of people were arguing that money would do more good, there was one person that posted about how the quilt they received meant so much to them when they lost so much and I really hope to bring that sort of comfort to as many families as I can.

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