Monday, October 24, 2011

BurdaStyle Magazine 11-2011

First the line drawings.

I actually like a number of the line drawings, but I think that they ran out of time making this issue and the photographs are all over the place and don't really show the outfits.

This picture is the reason I think they ran out of time. "What? The model doesn't fit into the dress and we don't have time to fix the dress? We don't have time for this. Just put her naked behind it and shoot it any." I actually do like the dress and here is the same dress sleeveless in black.

I think though that I will wait until someone else makes it before I even consider it as I don't know how well endowed the model is. If it is the dress that makes her look so curvy then I'll definitely be shying away from this.

Not exactly a fashion novelty, but I do like it with the ruffle down the front as in the next to pics.

I think this one could be really flattering, but I'm not sure I have the patience to do all the redrafting necessary to be able to make it fit me.

The drawing shows an interesting jacket, but again I'm wondering if the photography is covering up lack of finishing or something else.

I definitely like this top. I have to wonder why it only goes to size 42. It's an easy fix and an easy draft which really makes the size choice odd.

I really like this top.

I would have passed on this tunic dress based on the line drawing, but if I can find a drape camouflage-style fabric, I will probably add this to my huge pile of wants.

Prior to having any kids, I had a tiny waist for my size and would have loved this skirt.

The fabrics are awful in this shirt and the similar dress below, but I'm intrigued by the pattern. I'm also loving how ruffles are in style right now.

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  1. Wow! there sure are some beautiful designs in this magazine! I hope you get the time to make up something fabulous for yourself :)