Monday, October 10, 2011

Some embroidery projects

Last week, I pretty much spent the week doing some embroidery on pre-made sweatsuits. Q's grandmother has been admitted to an assistive living center and her son that is primarily taking care of her is color blind. My MIL decided that it would be a good idea for me to dress up some sweatsuits with embroidery and then he could use the embroidery to match the colors. I learned a few things in the process of embroidering the sweat suits. One is that sweatshirts are a completely different animal from other types of clothing. Another is that using fleece for applique is a pain in the butt. Here are the finished items.

The fleece for the outer heart didn't press down the same with the embroidery stitches.

I'm surprised at how much I ended up liking these faux cross stitch butterflies.

Squeezing a large embroidery pattern on a small pair of sweat pants became to much for me and I decided to end it when the main colors were done.

I have used this rose pattern before and will definitely use it again. It is one that came with the sewing machine.

I decided to change the colors from the top to the bottom because you couldn't tell there were two reds. I changed it to much though I think. Overall, this embroidery pattern is extremely poorly designed and I likely won't be using it or any of the others that came with it again.

Here is a link to my facebook business page where I have posted pictures of the Linus donation quilts for the Bastrop fire victims, if anyone is interested.

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  1. Those look great! I'm sure she'll love them. It's a good idea too to help with sorting for a color-blind person.