Sunday, October 23, 2011


I used the embroidery machine to make an in hoop design for this. It is a tote that will clip onto a purse or belt loop to carry your sanitizer. I think it is a super idea and planned to make one for everyone I know as a Christmas present. I now realize that I will not possibly have time to do so but I still will make some for the bear cub's therapists and certain family members that I think will appreciate it.

The reason that there isn't a sanitizer bottle in the tote right now is because all the ones I have are larger and the Target I went to only had the larger ones in stock. I only made this one as a sample anyway and now I know to only make the larger ones unless I have a smaller bottle in hand to give with the tote.


  1. I got a free one of these at one of Lily's therapist's office. It was an advertising piece. I really liked it. Unfortunately, it has a teeny bottle in it and didn't last very long. I know I could have refilled it but just never Great idea!

  2. So... does the top where the stuff comes out come out the bottom hole? What a cute idea. :)

  3. Yes, the top comes out of the bottom hole. I looked for a sanitizer small enough today and one of my wonderful girls had taken it out to play with so I didn't have it with me to check. I think I'm just going to make the larger ones to save stress.