Friday, October 26, 2012

Simplicity 4463

This costume is actually for Darth Baby, but she was engaged in a magnet toy and did not want to stop and the bear cub volunteered to model it for us.

The nerdlet then decided that she should model the other version I made.

I made two versions because Darth Baby is Pooh Bear obsessed.  She has three Poohs at our house that go everywhere within the house with her and she gets upset if I even try to wash them one at a time.  She also has a spare one at my mom's for when she visits her.  I figured I'd make the fur one for a costume and the knit one for everyday use, but really all three of the girls really like the minky fur one over the knit version.

The Pooh Bear body is Simplicity 4463, which apparently has been released under a dozen numbers, but this is the one that I used.  The shirt is a fleece shirt that I just threw together for the top because I didn't like his red shirt in the pattern.  The hat that the bear cub is sporting is part of a bought Disney onesie set, but I'll be making the hat from the pattern in the fake fur.

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  1. Yay for Pooh Bear! It looks really good, Kimberly :-)