Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nerdlet is Going to Be a Cupcake

The nerdlet is going to be a cupcake for Halloween.  This year my original plan was to pick up costumes from a shop for the girls, but then I visited one and realized that I didn't want my 4-year-old, 3-year-old, and almost 2-year-old to be dressed like hookers for Halloween.  Seriously, I looked at an Elmo costume for a female toddler and it was a mini red, fur hooker costume.  I then looked in the little boy section because the girls like Thomas the Train and other characters and wouldn't care about cross dressing and saw a cute little red, fur miniature Elmo costume from head-to-toe.  I left the store angrily and decided that my money was better spent on fabric than contributing to this sort of thing.

The nerdlet wanted to be a cupcake so I used the infant costume pattern McCalls 6627 for the cherry hat and the cake of the cupcake.  My nerdlet isn't an infant, but she is very thin and since the cake is only half of the costume, I adjusted very little (larger head and longer arms).
I used view H, the one for the strawberry.  I used a very light weight cotton because the nerdlet gets hot and even though fleece would have been a better choice, if this Halloween was a high in the 90s kind of San Antonio fall day, I didn't want her to die of heat exhaustion.  I did make the cherry hat out of fleece.

For the base of the cupcake liner, I used a lampshade turned upside down with the hardware removed.  I sewed pintucks on navy blue twill every 2 inches alternating directions and then handsewed it around the rim of the lampshade at the same time as to the bottom of the fluffy cake section.  I haven't yet done it, but I will also use a glue gun to affix the bottom of the skirt part to the lampshade and on Halloween day, I plan on using sticky foam cut into rectangles for the sprinkles and possible some small colored puff balls that we have from making puppets.

And the result:

Why does it look so squashed on her chest?  This would be the reason.

I'm also working on two Pooh costumes for my Pooh obsessed Darth Baby, one for Halloween out of minki fur and one for daily play out of cotton knit.  I bought some costumes after Halloween last year when Wal-mart had them 75% off and I hope to have the bear cub wear one of those.  If I have time, though I might throw her together one, or she might be Pooh #2 if none of them fit, since the bear cub and Darth baby differ by less than an inch in height and 1 pound in weight right now.

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  1. Adorable cupcake!!!! Love it! Omg, red fur hooker costume...LOL!!!