Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Greatest American Hero

I'm almost finished with the bear cub's Halloween costume.  My sister was visiting and I'm not sure how we got on the topic but we starting talking about the Greatest American Hero.  We have the series on DVD and I put the first one in to watch.  I then decided that the was what the bear cub was going to be for Halloween and immediately started planning the costume.

I still have to make the belt buckle which I will make out of polymer clay.  I'm hoping to get better pictures when I have the buckle finished.  The bear cub likes the costume, but she wasn't particularly cooperative for pictures.  I probably shouldn't have tried when the Fresh Beat Band was playing.  The pants are my first self-drafted pants pattern and the top started it's life as Ottobre 01-2005-12

I also made the top originally to check sizing out of a knit with the same drape.

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  1. Looks great! I love how she is standing on top of the table :-)