Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Pile of my MIL's UFOs

So not too long ago (maybe two months) my MIL brought me another bag of unfinished dresses for me to complete.  I suspect that these were actually intended once upon a time for my niece, the drama princess, but now they are much too small for her and possibly even too small for my smallest, which is now the bear cub and not Darth Monkey.  I know the first one was meant for my niece because we have one similar and when I bought the fabric for the nerdlet, my MIL went back later for some more when my SIL decided she liked it.  

It does have a lighter piece on the bodice which is clearly a dying irregularity, but looks like a bleach stain in the picture.  I may take a red permanent marker (or light purple) and fill it in so that it looks more like the rest.  This one will fit the nerdlet right now and is probably a size 5.

My confession is that when finishing these dresses I was too lazy to change off the yellow thread from my serger so all the insides have yellow seams.  I was actually surprised that the seams weren't finished because my MIL is normally was better than I am about finishing the seams as she goes.

This orange one is going to be too small for any of my girls except the bear cub, and maybe too small for her.  I will be sad if it goes straight to donation.

This one will fit the bear cub now.  I think it's a size 3 too, but it's an inch or so longer than the orange.

This one should fit both the bear cub and Darth Monkey.  This fabric is loud and busy and I didn't really care for it when it was bought, but my girls love it.

One of my facebook friends, owner of SavyGirl Design Studio, recently created a paper pieces wonky block and then a quilt out of that block that I just love.  She titled it Interlace Nuance.  After you go check it out, come back and see what seeing her work and working on my lone star inspired me to make.  While it isn't what I had in my head and I didn't finish but the bottom two points, I like it.  I'll draw up another with wonky strips instead of points, but I may end up enlarging this one and using it as is.

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  1. What cute summer dresses. I love your quilt design but just working out how to put it togther makes my brain hurt. Such a beautiful but complicated design. :) x