Sunday, May 11, 2014

Broken Lone Star Quilt - Part 2

So I've progress a bit on my broken lone star quilt (which I haven't named yet), and I thought I would elaborate a little on how I'm doing it as I'm trying to strip piece as much as possible.  First I cut the strips into 2.75" (2 3/4 inches) and assembled them according to my chart I made.  

I laid out the first strip right side up on a straight line with the corner at a 45 degree angle (the ruler is directly on a 45° line).

Then I laid the next strip on top right side down just to the side of where the 45° was going to end up and sewed them together.  I did this because I was going to try to squeeze an extra diamond out of each set of strips.  This turned out not to work and I'll have to make an extra set of each strip tomorrow so I will just sew them 2 1/2" down from the last for each strip in the future.

Then I finger pressed the strip open.
 And laid the next strip right sides together another 2 1/2" down and sewed them together.
 After opening and finger pressing, I did the same with the last strip of each set.

Here is what the end of each set looked like.  After I had all the sets, I pressed them with the iron that thankfully Darth Baby did not break when she decided to immerse it in water and apparently pretend it was a boat.

I cut the strip set at the 45° angle.  Then I lined up the 45° angle on the ruler and the width of 2.75" (again 2 3/4 inches) and sliced across with my rotary cutter.

After doing this through all the stacks, you will get a nice arrangement like this.

Then you just take one from each pile, sew them together, and press.  For my quilt top, I need 32 of these to arrange, and as I was hoping to get 11 from each strip set, which did not happen I still have a number of strip sets to make.
I wish I had turned it to be even, with the marks on the grid, but I think you can see that it is.  I was originally planning to put this on a white background, but I think I'll take one of these to the quilt store and preview it to pick a background fabric.

Also because I have been asked before, I'll post a pic of the back.


  1. Wow, this is truly lovely. The colours are fantstic and the shapes look brilliant. Thanks you for sharing your process. It looks like it shoud be a lot harder than it is.

    1. Thanks. I'm really enjoying making this and am glad you like it. Maybe you'll try one when you see how it all turns out.