Saturday, May 17, 2014

Broken Lone Star Quilt - Part 4

I finished the 32 blocks of my lone star quilt.  Tomorrow I will go buy the fabric for the background and backing (and possibly a border and binding, too).

Before I show you the pics, I'm going to list the fabric requirements for just the lone star.  This star is a 58" square as I've laid it out. For my colors, I'll list them a to g going from the center outward.
a (medium purple) - 2 3/4" (so buy 1/8 yard)
b (purple and blue) -  5 1/2" (so buy 1/4 yard)
c (lavender and blue) - 8 1/4" (so buy 1/4 yard)
d (light blue on dark blue) - 11" (so buy 3/8 yard)
e (light sea green) - 8 1/4" (so buy 1/4 yard)
f (dark lavender and light blue swirl) - 5 1/2" (so buy 1/4 yard)
g (dark purple) - 2 3/4" (so buy 1/8 yard)

For the broken lone star that I plan on making, the fabric requirements are quite a bit higher. I have my camera at the ceiling and this is as much as I could get in the picture.  Once it's all together on a background, I'll take it outside for a pic.
You're going from 8 blocks to 32 so really it's just 4 times the fabric
a (medium purple) - 11" (so buy 1/3 yard)
b (purple and blue) -  22" (so buy 5/8 yard)
c (lavender and blue) - 33" (so buy 1 yard)
d (light blue on dark blue) - 44" (so buy 1 3/8 yard)
e (light sea green) - 33" (so buy 1 yard)
f (dark lavender and light blue swirl) - 22" (so buy 5/8 yard)
g (dark purple) - 11" (so buy 1/3 yard)
background - 2 7/8 yard (Six 12.5 inch strips and Two 13 inch strips for the 20 squares and 4 triangles.  One of the 13 inch strips will be for two of the triangles and two of the 12.5" squares).

These amounts assume precision cuts by you and the employee cutting your fabric at the store and no mistakes. You will also need more for whatever border or binding you need.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I was thinking about all the ways I could arrange my diamonds.  I thought I would share some of them.

 First just make the star bigger.  This is all 32 blocks just turning each diamond into a bigger diamond.

 This is only 16 blocks and I think would work better for blocks that used the same fabrics for a & g, b & f, and c & e.

This is with the blocks overlapped, so to do this I would have to take out one each of the blocks to join them.

This one uses 24 blocks and I think I meant to have the dark purple in the center of all the half stars.

This could be really interesting depending on what fabric was used to separate the diamonds.

I ran out of diamonds for this but I think it would be super cool with another 5 blocks.

I this was just one corner of a square it could lead to some really interesting quilting coming out of it.

You could also make a quilt of the four smaller lone stars just as big blocks to make the quilt, but I didn't lay that one out.  I had other ideas last night in bed, but I got tired of laying them out and really these were the most fun.


  1. Oh wow, I am blown away by how beautiful these combinations are. Thank you for the i formation on fabric requirements. It is really useful. I always buy too much of every colour. This quilt is going to be very lovely indeed. X

    1. Thank you. Link me a pic if you decide to make one.

      One of my facebook friends said that looking through the combinations was like a kaleidoscope and I really liked that image. I may have to do a similar pic sequence of the next one just for fun, too.