Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another Ottobre 2-2007

After making the version of the dress for Darth Monkey, my mom fell in love with the fabric and requested for me to make her a shirt from it.  She doesn't wear sleeveless items and I didn't have enough fabric for more than that so I made it thinking that it would be muslin.  

 I also forgot to add the seam allowances so then  I really didn't think it would work at all.

She decided that she likes it a lot and has been wearing it for working out at the senior center.  I've also cut up a bunch of her t-shirts and reshaped them to fit her better.  I've also resized some t-shirts for the girls so that they would fit them better, too.  I've decided that unless you really like the t-shirts for some reason it is easier to make a t-shirt than to resize one.


  1. What a great vest. Your Mum looks lovely in it, the colours really compliment her colouring, and the fit is great. I agree about alterations. It really is much easier to start something from scratch. Xx

    1. Thanks. I just noticed that the picture doesn't really show how much orange is in the shirt.

      Yes, I've not been having that much fun with all the alterations I seem to be doing lately.