Saturday, April 2, 2016

More versions of Ottobre 1/2016-18

After I finished the nerdlet's recent peacock dress, I made a number of other versions of the dress.  I'm just going to post pictures and not really go too much into them.

This one was for my niece.  I let her pic the fabric and when I pulled it out, her sister and my nerdlet wanted dresses from the same fabric, so I ended up making three dresses with this fabric.

The nerdlet's is only slightly different.

And a few more.

This last one was made from a fabric that Darth Monkey insisted that she had to have a dress from.  After it was made the bear cub decided it was hers and that was that.


  1. Your girls look beautiful in these dresses (and a lot of fun). The children's Ottobre magazines look like they are really useful for patterns. Xx

    1. Ottobre really is useful for girls and boys patterns. I have cut out a dress from the woman's version, but I might take a while to get to it. I really like the t-shirt I made so I'm hopeful.