Thursday, January 28, 2010

Answer to My Prayers

When I was pregnant with the nerdlet, I prayed for two things that I make it through the pregnancy without losing her and that she be healthy.

With the bear cub, I had a longer list. I still prayed for making it through the pregnancy and having a healthy baby, but my list had expanded. I prayed that P and I would be good parents to both our girls. I prayed for help in taking things as they came and to understand our girls talents and inclinations and to be able to help them achieve what they could and accepting of their long term goals. I prayed for help in not becoming one of those parents that is constantly comparing her child to other children and their accomplishments. I prayed that my girls would have compassion (this was important because both P and I have family members that are really lacking in compassion). I prayed that my girls would have appreciation for the things they received in life and an acceptance of what those things were. I prayed that P and I would not start taking each other for granted as so many couples do when they become parents especially to multiple children.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how my bear cub is the perfect answer to all those prayers. My bear cub has Down syndrome and because of this, many of these prayers have been answered or are almost guaranteed to be so. My daughter is healthy and thriving and the little things definitely make her happy. I find it much easier because of her diagnosis to take things as they come. P and I are not only not taking each other for granted, we are helping each other in parenting even more than we did when we just had the nerdlet. I find that I constantly have more reasons to appreciate him and his loving and caring towards both my girls. I know that both girls already have and will have compassion. The nerdlet has always had a temper and been low on patience and I have already seen her pause and wait while the bear cub is being taken care of. Both of the girls will wait patiently if the other one is upset and being tended to. The bear cub was a very specific answer to each of my prayers and the answer was a resounding yes. I'm so grateful for both my girls and I love them wholeheartedly.

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