Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time Apart is Good for the Heart

P and I have an agreement that we will spend at least 2 days apart each month. The joke is that we do this so we don't turn into his parents. In reality, we do this because it is really good for our relationship to have time apart to miss each other. I think it keeps us appreciating each other and also ourselves as individuals. My younger sister R says that this wouldn't work for everyone because no one trusts their spouse as much as we do. I once asked P if he would cheat on me and he responded that he wouldn't because it would cut into his WoW time. So you can likely guess what he does when I'm away.

Saturday morning, P mentioned that we hadn't had time apart. I told him that he forgot that I was gone a whole week in December helping my sister move to Texas. He paused and then said that he needed time away from the responsibility of the girls. He didn't feel rested like he normally does when I leave because I take the nerdlet and the bear cub with me. So I packed the girls and went to visit my mom for the weekend.

I feel like I need to find some other options though in the future. I love my mom and sister and niece, but I feel like we're in the way now that there are two more people and a dog living there when I visit. I kept waking R up and interfered with Little Miss's tv watching. My older sister always feels the need to visit and stay for a long time when I come, and even when she clearly doesn't feel like being there, she sticks around. Maybe I'll send P up there to stay with my family next month.

I'm back at home and have so much to do. Apparently the weather forgot that this is San Antonio and keeps having freezes. This week we're expecting to hard freezes below 30 degrees (F) and we've already had a few this year. Usually we only have one or two if any. This means my foyer/studio is filled with plants and that I can't really feel like the house is clean until it warms up. It also means I have to work around the plants for any quilting which is a pain at best. Also my laundry room is filled with recyclables because our 90 gallon recycling bin has been full for the last couple of pickups and still we have a couple of huge boxes to break down and put in there.

Anyway, I have to get to cleaning or I will be even more embarassed than I already will when the nerdlet's speech therapist show up in a bit.

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