Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Decade Ends

When the decade began, I was working as a pharmacy tech for the state, returning to college, newly divorced, and being sort of long distance romanced by my ex-husband. Now I'm happily married with two beautiful, perfect little girls. So much has happened in between.

I got my degree in Biochemistry. I learned to scuba dive and create stained and fused glass pieces. I bought a wonderful sewing and embroidery machine and discovered the joys of sewing on a quality machine. I bought a quilting machine and went into business quilting other people's (so far only women's) quilt tops. I've learned hundreds of signs. I learned to do tiling and mosaic tiled the bathroom floor. I learned to use the scroll saw and made wood items.

I've gained and lost up to 50 pounds (I did have two babies though that does not account for all of it) multiple times. I have been to Belize and Mexico and a myriad of places in the states. I learned to ski in Banff. I went to Disneyworld with my sister and two of my best friends. I bought and sold a house. I acquired another dog and five cats (some through marriage).

I got the best job, though far from the best paying, as a drug and medical device investigator for the state. I got to perform investigations and inspections of drug and device warehouses, manufacturers, and salvagers, not to mention the ever interesting tattoo and body piercing studios and tanning salons. I left the state to work for private industry and moved in with P temporarily until I could find a suitable place. When I never found the time (I was working between 80 and 100 hours), P and I found that we were good roommates and decided after 13 years of friendship to move our relationship to something more and get married and have babies.

It has been great so far this century. I'm looking forward to the next year and decade and the wonderful discoveries to come.

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