Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bug's running nose

My Bug really is sick. I hate it. This is only the third time she has ever been sick. The first time was at the beginning of the year. She and I both had fairly high fevers and were vomiting really bad. I almost lost the bear cub and Bug ended up in the hospital. The second time was in October on our trip to El Paso. She had a fever again and was really run down and cranky, and Bug ended up needed antibiotics. This time she has had a low grade fever (around 100°) and again is really cranky, but this time she also has a really runny nose. This is her first runny nose and it is freaking her out. Everytime anything hits her lip she starts screaming like her nose is melting off her face. She's been using everything in site as a tissue - a number of Bear's bibs, any nearby stuffed animals, and thanks to my doing laundry, a number of dirty socks.

I also hate cancelling therapy appts. I had to cancel a speech therapy appointment for her and if she is still sick tomorrow, I'll have to cancel one of Bear's therapy appointments. The therapists do so much good and it drives me crazy to cancel them. It especially hurts to cancel the speech therapy because it took so much to finally get them for her and I know how hard it was to work us into the speech therapist's already hectic schedule. I'm still hoping to have Bear's therapy appt as I don't know what I can do for her at all except let her roll around on her own and I'm anxious for some suggestions.

So far Bearis fine. I've been doing a really good job of keeping the two of them apart. Neither one of them understands though why all of a sudden I can't hold both of them and that they are getting their Mommy time severely reduced. I've been trying to substitute Bug's mommy time with Sesame Street which works all right I guess, but today Bug has watch more tv than the rest of her life, it seems. Bear unfortunately has been relegated to the playpen in her non-being held moments though. She is bored and wants out so bad. What is incredibly frustrating about it is that she'll likely get it anyway, especially since I can tell already that I'm fighting it off.

Bear had her first post operation follow-up appointment with the cardiologist today. Her heart looks great. The VSD has already shrunk to a few millimeters and Dr. Lee indicated that she believes it will close on it's own now. We have another appointment in another month. Dr. Lee noticed that Nerdlet wasn't feeling well and told me to keep her from kissing Bear because she knows she likes to do that. I was impressed that she remembered that Bug was like that with her sister. She also commented a lot on the fact that Bear is still very calm and easy going. A lot of people seemed to think that when the bear's heart was fixed that she would lose her incredibly calm temperament, but it looks like she is just going to be like her daddy. Considering the kind of treatment her life is likely to subject her to, it's probably a good temperament to have.

The bear is at 11 pounds 8 ounces, so she has lost a half of a pound since the surgery. I guess that is to be expected, but I was surprised anyway. She didn't eat well in the hospital, but she has been eating well since she got home, so I had thought she would have gained some weight. She looks good though so I'm not really worried about it yet. At eight months that puts her just under the Ds growth chart for weight, where up until this point she has been running along the 10% line.

I'm not particular worried about either one of them right now, but I do hope that this thing Bug has passes fast.

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