Friday, December 11, 2009

White Elephant Gift

I had this idea in my head of how this was supposed to come out and this wasn't it. The black thinned out too much and joined together. I was going to square it off and make it look a little more professional, but P told me he needed a white elephant gift and so I just went ahead and slumped it as is. I actually think it came out kind of cool. I'm going to go ahead and finish my second try that also didn't come out like I wanted, but I do still plan on squaring it off and fire polishing that one before slumping. My third plate shattered when I was rinsing off the kiln wash. I realized after that I had used a specialty swirl glass instead of the Spectrum glass I normally used. Anyway opinions of the white elephant plate are certainly welcome.

The nerdlet is better. She no longer has a fever and her nose isn't running as much. When P uses the nose frida on her, he still gets a disturbing large amount of grossness, but I'm just glad it's no longer in her head. I've taken to singing, "I'm going to suck that snot right out of your nose." while P does it.

The bear's scar still looks fresh. I wonder how long it will take to look like a scab or scar. She's doing wonderly and when I wash it she doesn't act like it is tender or anything. She's also more willing to put more weight on her arms than she was before. If I tuck her legs under her, she will actually try to lift her head, whereas before she would just lay down with her butt sticking up. Also prior to the surgery about 20 minutes after doing any activity, she would want to eat and pass out. Now she has enough stamina to play for hours.

I've started wrapping Christmas gifts. This is much more difficult with a toddler that wants to help. Anyone receiving a wrapped gift will likely also find a nice crayon drawing on the inside of the wrapper and in some cases the outside of the box of the gift.

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  1. really are the "crafty" woman! I think the plate looks cool!

    I've heard those nose frida things work well.