Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have a blog on livejournal. It started out as a dream journal and I sometimes still post those there. I also post weird little links and news articles and updates about my little ones. Most of what I post there is friends locked and I imagine that I will continue to post things that seem too private for me to post here.

I have two daughters. The older just turned two. I refer to her as Bug and the Nerdlet. She is brilliant in many ways but behind in others. I suppose this is like all children. Her two main areas that we are working on are speech development and social skills. She barely talks but in surprising moments, she has shown us that she can count and read some. She is also potty trained, which is a recent accomplishment that we are very pleased with.

My younger daughter, my Bear Cub, is eight months old. She is just had heart surgery to repair a fairly large hole in her heart, but you would never know it without seeing the scar. She was sent home just 48 hours after the surgery and spent that evening rolling around the living room trying to make up for any play time lost. She is amazing baby. She also has an incredible knack for flirtation that she inherited from neither her father or myself. She is babbling well and working on sitting up (or was before the heart surgery). She also has Down syndrome.

We have two dogs and four cats that are less spoiled than they would like to be. They are all wonderful in their own way and they likely will manage to make their way into this blog at some point.

I have a website www.creativity-abounds.com. It is completely unimpressive, but at some point when I have more time and the ability to put more into it, I will give it an overhaul. The purpose of the website is to sell my quilting services, but to date I really only sell my services through local quilt shops and the Greater San Antonio Quilting Guild meetings. Besides quilting, I also sew, cross stitch, do glass work, woodwork, polymer clay, paint, and draw. If it's a craft or art, I'm likely to be interested or working on it.


  1. Have fun blogging! I will have fun reading!!

  2. Kimberly, Thanks for your comment. I am excited to read about Bug and Nerdlet and about your baby on the way. I have a baby on the way too. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. I love that city. Now I live in a suburb of Chicago. Good luck with the onesies. Once I decide on a name I'm going to make one or more for my little girl! I also want to make big sis and big bro shirts. :)