Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a Year It Has Been

January – The nerdlet was sick for the first time and ended up in the hospital. I got the same thing and almost lost the bear cub. We got the replacement Prius for the car that was wrecked the previous April.

February – Not a whole lot happened this month. It was my eighth month of pregnancy (of 10 months). I did get two job offers out of nowhere and one of them told me to give them a call when I was ready to return to work.

March – P’s grandmother came to visit and she came with pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. The day she went to the hospital, so did I to deliver the bear cub. She was born at 37 weeks and came out in two pushes and less than 3 minutes. Two miracles happened at the birth: her kidneys cleared up without the operation we were told would be necessary and I had an undiagnosed vasa previa and the bear cub lived with no problem.

April – After failing 3 hearing tests, the bear cub finally passed one. We started the bear cubs early intervention. The nerdlet got her first molars in.

May - I joined facebook and spent a lot of time playing dumb games while pumping. We discovered the holes in the bear cub’s heart.

June – The bug finally started sleeping some. She started staying in bed and soothing herself back to sleep in the middle of the night and started taking naps..

July – The nerdlet started doing somersaults and the bear cub started scooting some and rolling over. We started learning a lot more sign language and bought Signing Times. We discovered that the nerdlet is reading. The bear cub had her first laugh.

August – The bear cub is baptized and meets her godmother. The bear cub starts saying mama and melts my heart by showing us that she knows that it is me. She also starts doing mini sit ups and holding her head fairly steady. We discover that she is missing bone fragments in her neck.

September – I joined Lifetime Fitness, which is a great gym. The gym starts using the bear cub as crowd control because she calms the toddlers down. The bear cub gets H1N1 and though it’s really scary for a while, she recovers just fine. P and I saw our first opera, Madame Butterfly, for our 3rd anniversary. The nerdlet starts swimming lessons.

October – The girls and I go with my mom to visit relatives in El Paso and Yuma. We start the nerdlet’s potty training and a week later, she is no longer having accidents except around my MIL (though she has had problems since I went on my trip to GA). The bear cub passes her 6 month hearing test.

November – We find out that the bear cub is definitely going to need surgery on one of the holes in her heart and surgery is scheduled. The nerdlet started speech therapy and her speech starts going through the roof. I start creating things for myself again and start feeling better about myself. My diaper service goes out of business and I start having to wash my own diapers. We got cable and I started watching tv after not really watching any since 1990. The pre-op scan for the surgery shows no malformation of anything in the neck – another miracle.

December – The bear cub has surgery and is home in 48 hours. She is rolling around the living room the evening we came home. The bear got her first tooth – I think it’s a molar. My BIL is deployed and I fly to Georgia to help her move to Austin. It is the first time I’m separated from my girls for longer than a night and the first time P has to take care of the girls by himself for longer than a few hours.

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