Friday, December 18, 2009

More Glass

First some melted glass bottles. I think they look better in real life.
A picture of the glass plates so far.
I really like the red plate, but I think the recipient might not because of the streak of black on the corner. Here is a closeup.


  1. I love the red plate!!! The bottles are cool too. How do you have time to do all this with two kids? I only have one and it takes me a week to just clean the

  2. As my daughter seems to think, "Sleep is for woosies!"

  3. Love the red plate! I like the bottles too - I have a cheese plate that is a melted glass bottle. They're so cool looking. What do you use yours for?

  4. My mom is planning to hang them on the wall. I wanted to etch 'Crazy Lady' on one before Christmas, but there isn't ant way I'll have time.