Monday, December 21, 2009

Funny kids

My sister, niece and I went to see Christmas lights today. My niece, Little Miss, was of course sitting in the back seat. We passed this weird looking reindeer in the shape of an egg. My sister R and I were laughing about it and R said that maybe the reindeer should eat less and lose weight and Little Miss piped up that probably Santa should, too.

My mom is watching the Nerdlet. Last night, my other sister S was over there and went to sleep on the couch while my mom was watching tv (probably one of her novelas). The nerdlet apparently decided that S was thirsty and brought her a glass of ice water that was sitting on the table. Too bad S can't drink through her armpit. My mom's comment? She's just so fast. I hear that a lot.

Today, I get another phone call from my mom. They were making cookies and my mom was handing the bug M&Ms to put on the cookies. My mom turned around to do something and when she turned back around, the cookies were missing their M&Ms. Guess what I heard again.

The bear cub had spiked a fever a few hours before my plane trip to Georgia, so I was really worried about leaving. I was really afraid that while I was flying P would be taking my precious cub to the ER. We gave her a cool bath and her fever dropped and apparentlly she has been fine since.

I'm missing my family so much right now. I'd comment on how the packing and everything is going, but I'm trying to keep on good terms with R until I get back. I love my sister so much...

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