Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mailman problems

P and I have always had problems with our mail at this house. We get mail for the wrong addresses and people all the time. We have had mail butchered and returned to us opened and in pieces with a note from the post office saying they were sorry for the inconvenience but our mail was opened in process. I will write wrong address or wrong person or return to sender and it will be delivered back to me the same day. I've had to mark out the delivery address or the name so that it will be delivered to the correct recipient or sender sometimes. We also get mail really, really late. I got my car registration six months after ordering it online with the post mark that long before. I also have mail sometimes never show up. I have had contracts sent to me multiple times for various things before I actually got a copy. P and I do most of our stuff online anyway, so it usually isn't too big a deal, and we have started doing the rest in person if possible.

Our mailman is a nice man. Actually he is super nice and that is one of the reasons that we have never complained. He always waves to everyone and says hi. We have one of those communal mail boxes down block and around the corner that they do now. With both pregnancies, he would bring me any packages so that I wouldn't have to carry them from the mailbox and would occasionally even bring me the mail to the door if there was a lot (or I hadn't picked up in a while). P and I often joked about how the niceness balanced his incompetence and just explained the problem as necessary.

A few days ago I was leaving to run an errand and I saw a substitute mailman at a different mailbox delivery the mail while talking on the cell phone. On my way back I saw him at our set of mailboxes delivering our mail still on the cell phone. I've seen this guy a few times, but not often. I'm now wondering if he is the cause of all our problems with the mail. I wish I remembered the exact date I saw this so that I could write it in the letter that knowing me I will eventually send.

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  1. We still get mail from people that lived in this house four owners ago - and it was 8 years ago that the current owner bought the house. We get stuff for neighbors all the time (also have communal mail boxes) and stuff gets "lost" all the time. It's really aggravating.