Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bouncy Fun

I used a number of gift cards I got for my birthday and Christmas to buy the bear cub the Fisher-Price Lil Laugh n' Learn Jumperoo. I made a few modifications but I may end up just sewing a completely new seat for her. She seems to really like it. I think it is going to help with her aversion to putting pressure on her feet because she loves to bounce so much. I'm likely going to only use it during the nerdlet's naps though.

The first modification I made was to sew the seat so that she could not just sit down, but had to be upright. I just sewed the extra part on the butt of the seat closed.

The second modification I made was to fold the area between the legs into thirds and sew that so that it would not spread her legs apart.

I also considered making the straps that adjust the height longer so that she could touch the floor, but I decided to use a box underneath her instead. If I make another seat, I am going to make it deeper because she is so long for her weight that the problem is really that she can't weigh the seat down enough to pull the jumper down enough for her to reach the ground.

1 comment:

  1. So cute!!! Glad to hear she likes the bouncer so much. Do you have video of her in it yet?