Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Answered questions

I figured that I would catch up by answering some questions that I've gotten.

The nerdlet and I are still making Monday cupcakes. I'm not set on just cupcakes, but the cupcake maker makes it easy so if there isn't anything else that comes up that is what we do. She got to make carrot cake with her aunt S a few weeks ago instead, and later in the day she asked me when she was going to make cupcakes, so in the future I will make it clear ahead of time that we are making whatever instead of making cupcakes.

Another question I've had about the cupcakes is what I do with them since I don't let my girls have sweets very often. Most often the leftovers are sent with Q to work. He has a coworker that encourages us to think of him as one of our dogs but one that can have sweets and chocolate. He will eat anything that we have leftover. He has taken pizzas that we left out too long that I was going to throw out, and whenever I try a new food and don't care for it, it goes to him. Apparently he has this reputation not just with us but with all his coworkers, so we throw all the extras his way. I will admit that I finished off the cupcakes when we made dark chocolate ones.

So what do I do to mark the rest of the week? Tuesdays, we do toddler story time at the library and Kindermusik with the DSASA (Down Syndrome Association of San Antonio). The nerdlet isn't ready for older kids and the toddler story time is more than she can take on a lot of days. She mostly spends the time running or spinning in circles or hiding in stroller. Wednesday has turned in to Costco day. I used to go on Tuesday because new books and videos are released on Tuesdays, but I've moved it to Wednesday for convenience. Thursday, I used to take the girls to various parks in San Antonio. There are hundreds of parks in San Antonio and my plan is to eventually take them to all of them. I stopped for a bit because I couldn't drive while I was pregnant and now I'm not going because I'm a cold wimp, but it shouldn't be long until it warms up enough for us to start doing this again. I don't yet have a Friday activity, but I may make this a swimming day once Darth Baby is older. The gym daycare won't take Darth Baby until she is three months old so it isn't an option yet.

On the sibling rivalry front, the girls are doing pretty well. The nerdlet told us once that she wanted to give Darth Baby away when Q wouldn't put her down to play with the nerdlet but that is the only negativity or jealousy we have seen from her since we told her Darth Baby was coming. The bear cub hasn't really shown any at all in the last month, but she wants to be babied more. She wants to be held and cradled while she eats her bottle and she gets really, really happy if you sign or call her baby.

What is next for sewing? I want to do so much. First, I have a Christmas quilt I didn't finish because of Darth Baby coming. I just have the two borders to sew and then put it on the quilting machine to quilt and then bind it. I've traced a couple of patterns from the Burda magazine to make, a pair of pants and a gathered top. I also bought a few top patterns, but unfortunately Darth Baby hasn't been sleeping well at night and it really isn't an option to work on during the day. On top of that, while it is freezing in SA, we have rolling brownouts and so I don't want to plug in my sewing machine when the power is going on and off. Once it warms up, it will still be a while until anything gets done because it take at least a few hours to complete anything when you don't have any little ones running around.

The only other question I remember being asked is about my height. I'm only 5'4". I look taller because of the angle of the picture. After all, my tiny 3-year-old was taking the pictures. Also, I have pretty long legs for my height so that also helps. My husband and I have about the same length legs and he is about six inches taller than me. I was sort of hoping that the bear cub would have longer legs than the average person with Down syndrome because the females in my family have such long legs, but it doesn't look like that is going to be the case.

If I missed answering any of the questions I got, I'll try to put them in another post.

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