Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where have you been?

I've been planning sewing projects and finally found some time to actually sew something. After having three babies in very short succession, I am not anywhere the size that I was before my first pregnancy. Even though I'm within 10 pounds of what I was prior to my first pregnancy, I'm actually much larger, especially around my middle. I have spent a lot of time reading various sewing blogs and getting excited about renewing my wardrobe (really, I'm starting from scratch pretty much in a new size).

I decided to subscribe to Burda magazine and got my first issue of the plus size this past week. I was a little intimidated by the fact that all the patterns are laid out on the same sheet of paper.

Because of the fact that I was a little intimidated by it, I decided to start with the easiest pattern in the book, a very simple pair of pants. Simple becomes a lot more complicated with a three-year-old constantly trying to help. The nerdlet put in two pins and was the photographer for the final version.

She's getting better than me at taking pictures. I made the pants out of black cotton eyelet gauze. I really like them, but in full disclosure, I need to adjust the waist band because I didn't stretch it as much as the gauze while sewing the waistband casing and so I need to add an extra piece of casing to each side of the center front, but they are wearable and very comfortable. I'm excited to make more Burda patterns.


  1. Great job!

    I'd be intimidated by that pattern, too. Sheesh! I know people are trying to save printing costs, but geez Louise...all on the same page!?!?

  2. Okay, the pattern is ridiculous!!! Pants look GREAT on you...what's next?? heh - Rhonda