Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Burda Plus Autumn/Winter 2011

I got the new Burda Plus magazine today. I've read that the Burda Plus patterns are all duplicates, but I only recognized a few of the patterns from the magazines I've received and the pictures are different. For a pattern to be plus sized the size is at least size 44, which is size 14 in the US.

First a picture of the technical drawings.

My mom would love the coat 405. She had me make her a similar coat in 2002.

I really like dress 426. Too bad I can't think of an occasion that I would ever wear it.

I can certainly see myself making and wearing 429.

Another dress I like is 427. If I make the shorter version and use a less fancy fabric, I might be able to make it a dress I would have an opportunity to wear.

I think 435 looks ridiculous. Click on it to blow it up so that you can really appreciate it.

I really like jacket 419, which I would want in a brick red or terra cotta, though I think it looks vaguely Star Trekish. I could totally see one of the female Klingons wearing it as they faced off with Picard or harassed Quark.

Q really likes jacket 420, and he even likes the studs, which really surprised me.

I didn't take any pictures of the pants or skirts as the photos didn't really show much of the design, but I can see making any of them, though maybe not in the suggested faux leather they have for the leggings.


  1. ooh some nice things!Thanks for sharing :)

  2. you are so sweet! I started my second quilt...finally! Cheers to a great week. :)