Monday, August 22, 2011

BurdaStyle Magazine 09-2011

I received my September edition of the Burda Style magazine today. Apparently every September is the Folk-style Special and there is tradition German Folk attire in it every year. The preview looked really bad and the posts I've seen on other blogs had me thinking the whole magazine would be awful. I found it not to be the case really. While I wouldn't make the patterns with the ribbon trim so that it looks so much like festival clothing, there are a lot of the patterns that I think are somewhat wearable and I know that the nerdlet would wear the kids clothing if I get around to making it.

Anyway, here are the schematics:

Here are the pictures of the outfits at a glance from the table of contents. Q really likes 104 which is also on the cover. I'm not adding anything to my list right now, but I actually can see making some of the folk costume blouses in the future.

That's all

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  1. I think the folk outfits are great. I love the short tops that go under dirndls as I have long worn the style under jumpers and tops with low necklines. I'm just disappointed that the usual "plus" section was all folkwear. But there are some regular-sized outfits that will scale up nicely. :)