Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sesame Street Playhouse

Do you ever buy your kids toys because your nostalgic about them? Apparently I do. One of the first toys I remember playing with besides blocks was an old Sesame Street playhouse.

We either got it used or the pieces were lost fairly quickly as we didn't have all the pieces shown. We had Big Bird and Mr. Hooper and the two beds, but I don't remember many more pieces. While googling it I discovered that it was a 1974 toy and so it could have been used or it might have been purchased for my older sister and been through the ringer by the time I was really old enough to play with it.

Last night I spent some of the girls' Christmas money on my new toy.

I also bought Ernie and Bert to go with it. I would have bought Big Bird, but I didn't see him available.

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  1. OMG! I totally remember this one (and I was born well after 1974, too). I don't think we actually owned one, but friends definitely did. We had the fisher-price barn and also the castle, which was awesome. My mom still may have the castle but she was a bit too paranoid of my kids losing the precious people to really let them go to town with it...