Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ottobre 5/2011

I received my Ottobre magazine today. It's ... interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I sort of feel like I have to make a few things to determine if I like it and want to keep the subscription. My pictures are a little blurry as the paper in the magazine is much more slick and glossy than the Burda magazine so I had to forgo the flash.

Here are the technical drawings.

I kind of like this one. I don't know how it would look on me, but I know I would wear it happily, and it does have princess seams so it should be easy to adjust.

The high waisted shorts remind me of Burda 08-2011-130 and I'm tempted to make them both to see which ones I like better.

Ottobre 5/2011/10

Burda 08/2011/130

These two dresses have a similar silouette and I'm not sure I like the position of the dart. I also sort of wonder what it would look like when I did a FBA if it was one dart or if the other dart was placed in the normal spot. I might end up with a triangle on the side of my chest. It would probably be a bad idea to make that triangle in a contrasting color ending up with big arrows pointing to the breasts, huh?

I also would definitely bring that bow down in size.

I do want to make these pajamas. I'll have to put a shelf bra inside at the very least, but it will be a nice change from the basic Ts (with attached shelf bra) that I currently use.

I really don't know when I'm going to get to sew soon though. The bear cub is now walking pretty much all the time and her potty training is going fairly well, though we still haven't had a completely dry day. Darth Baby is also now crawling. So in a little over a month, I went from one walker, one crawler, and one immobile to two walkers and a crawler and that crawler seems to have very few self-preservation skills. The end result being that what little free time I had has just gone up in smoke.

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