Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ottobre 03-2012-17

I've had kind of a busy day.  Yesterday, my lovely Darth Baby was in what I'd like to think is rare form, but in reality is pretty much typical form for her, and one of the typical things that she did was to try to pull a 4-pound box of plums out of the fridge by herself.  This resulted in almost all of the plums being split open, Yesterday, I cleaned them up and chopped them and prepared them for jam and sterilized the jars, and today my day started with the making of plum jam.  I made five 8-oz containers and one 4-oz.

I used this recipe from  I ended up having less than 1/3 of the sugar and so the jam ended up being fairly tart, but still enjoyable.  I think it likely would be the right amount of sugar for my tastes, but the plums weren't quite ready on their own to be made into jelly.

I'll skip past the boring cleaning, organizing, and gardening and get to the fun sewing.  I made three versions of the Seesaw Jersey Top from Ottobre 03-2012-17.  My MIL had embroidered the front.  All three versions are size 104 with different amounts of added length.  After making this top in the 98 and it being so tight, I thought going up a size would be better, but I think the 98 is the right size for a knit and these might end up being too big for the girls, who Q took up to see my mom this weekend.

I also traced the Denim Jacket from 03-2013 for my MIL to make my nephew.  It's kind of a neat little pattern and I can't wait to see it made up.

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