Monday, June 3, 2013

Weed killing

For those that are curious, boiling water really works for killing weeds and grass.  I used it in the cracks in my driveway and the road in front of our lot.  I simply put on the tea kettle filled with water and when it started singing poured it along the crack.  The clover turned brown and shriveled as I was pouring.  The grass and some of the other weeds (I don't know the names of many weeds) stayed green.  The first weeds I pulled as much as I can after boiling them and they pulled up super easy and the grass easier than unboiled, but I didn't get them all.  When I went back today (about a week later), the ones that I didn't pull up were dead and gone.  I don't like to use poison on anything on or around our house.  I'm allergic to bleach, and I don't like to use salt because nothing will grow later if I want it to, so boiling water is perfect for me to use on the weeds.  Also, on the edge of the yard where I had poured boiling water on the weeds, grass has already started to grow.

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  1. Okay now. . . how to kill those pesky hackberries without killing anything else?

    Like the boiling water idea!