Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Neighbors' Butterfly Quilt

I've finished a quilt for my neighbors across the street.  We live in a good neighborhood, and despite the fact that our lawn and our poor maintenance of it must drive them crazy, these neighbors have done a lot for us.  They keep a good eye on our house.  The husband is a retired shop teacher and he has fixed a number of pieces of furniture that have been broken in our house by the girls.  When Darth Baby learned to unlock the front door and run out of the house, in less than a week, they came over and installed a second dead bolt six inches from the top of our door.  Most beneficial to me, they have taught me to say yes when help is offered, which is something I have always had a problem with (according to my mother, this was true for me even as a toddler).

So here is the quilt I made in appreciation.  I've posted the top before, but I just completed the quilting and the binding today (it's been waiting for an open time on my quilt frame).
 It's even prettier in real life.

A pic of the back where you can see the butterflies and flowers panto I used and the blanket stitch I bound it with.  This is a fairly popular panto with my quilting customers, but for some reason it gives me a lot of trouble sometimes; and this time was one of them, but the end result was worth it, I think.

I thought this would be hard for me to part with, but I'm actually pretty excited about giving it to them.  I sure hope it is used and not stashed in a closet.

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