Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ottobre 05-2006-25

Ottobre 05-2006-25 Slavic-Style Tunic Top was a joint effort by my MIL and myself.  I traced the pattern in size 110 when my niece was still that size this past fall and I left the fabric that my niece chose with my MIL to embroider on and give back.  The top was returned to me about three weeks ago to finish and I was thinking that I would wait until it got cold again, but since I already had hot pink on the serger and the cut out pieces were sitting there, I decided to finish it off tonight so I could try it on her and send it home with her tomorrow.

Even though I know she is over 110 cm now, I think it should still fit her when it gets cold enough for long sleeves here.  The reason I think this is that my nerdlet is 106 cm and it is really big on her and not just a little big, like I would have expected.  In fact, it is so much too big that I'm wondering if I traced a different size than 110, but that is what I wrote on the tracing.  I'll have to go back and check at some point.

I had to change quite a bit because my MIL didn't cut out all the pieces and she cut out two of each of the collar pieces instead of cutting them on the fold.  The missing pieces were the left front panel which I replaced with the closest color I could get which turned out to be a rib knit and the hem bands so they weren't really a big deal.  The collar turned out to not really be a big deal either as I just focused on setting the part that would be seen right and it is just very short on the inside of the tunic.  I also left off the elastic on the sleeves because my niece has a lot of sensory issues and I didn't want it to bother her.

I think it's cute enough I might make it again.  It definitely looks better in person and that is only partially because of not being shown on a body.  I think if I do make it again, I'll definitely match the size to the child's shoulders and go from there.

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