Saturday, June 9, 2012

Burda 06-2011-111 Take 3

You may get tired of posts on this particular pattern, but I love these Burda shorts and I'm in severe need of more shorts.  I currently have the two versions of this pattern than I made this year, a ratty pair that I've worn through all three pregnancies that really needs to be retired and a pair of Thai fisherman shorts that I made to wear during the pregnancies that really are too big and I have pinned smaller.  The first pair of these shorts I made with this pattern I feel are too short and my mom and aunt are embarrassed to be around me in.  I lengthened the second pair and will for all future pairs.

These are made out of a deep, rich blue-green corduroy that I had started to make a dress out of but found that I didn't care for the style of the dress, so I butchered the dress to make these shorts.  The pictures are poor so I don't know how much you can see.  I actually added the pockets this time, but took the one out on the side with the zipper because at the curve of my hip, the pocket was opening wide and I had used a highly contrasting quilting cotton for the pockets.

I plan on making at least four more pairs of shorts.  I drew the pattern out again this time changing a few things.  I made the shorts 3 1/2 inches longer, the darts all 1/2 inch bigger (1/4 inch on each side for a total of 2 inches out of the waist, and cut the an inch off the center front seam.  I'm a little worries about the center front seam change as my intention isn't to have it dip in the front, but have less ease in front.  I'll be making the next pair fairly soon so we'll see how my changes pan out.  I'm a little worried about over fitting because truthfully, I love these shorts already and even the really short first pair I made is super comfortable.  I figure I'll make a pair and if it doesn't work go back to the original pattern.

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