Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ottobre 4/2001-1 part 2

The shirt was made for the bear cub, but my nerdlet believes anything that I make should be hers.  When I tried to coax the bear cub into trying it on, the nerdlet was right there offering to let me try it on her.

I asked her if it was a bit warm and she said no and that they were perfect for pajamas for her.  It looks like it fits her pretty well, but it was difficult to get over the nerdlet's rather large head  and she had a hard time getting her arms in and out, but neither one of those issues should be a problem for the bear cub.  The shirt has got to be one of the easiest shirts to make so if I need a quick three quarter sleeve shirt for any of the girls in the near future I might go with this one.  Also, I ordered a bunch of FOE so I'm excited to have more to play with.

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