Sunday, June 17, 2012

X-large Bib

Last June I experimented with the free bib patterns out there because Darth Baby spit up all the time and was always soaked in baby puke.  None of them were quite right so I ended up making my own.  I know it was a good pattern because people would take them when I left Darth Baby at the gym wearing one.  I mean really, who would still a bib unless it was just fantastic, right? When I visited my aunt this past November, I left a couple with her for my cousin's granddaughter.  When we went to El Paso again a few weeks ago, my aunt asked me to make her some more since she has outgrown the previous set (which were probably newborn to 6 month size).  I tried to get my cousin's son to send me the baby's chest measurements, but he just told me she was wearing 24 months, which the bear cub wears, but the bear cub still can wear the first set of bibs, so it wasn't really helpful.  I ended up having to guess.

This is what the finished bib looks like:
I was going to make more, but I've decided to wait until she tries them on before making more because they seem kind of big to me.  The one on the right I made slightly smaller by taking 1/4 inch off each side of each sleeve and by changing the angle of the cut of the sleeve of the towel.

The pattern I drew out to start.  Basically the sleeve is a trapezoid with the long ends curved out.  I tried to make the picture clear enough that you can see the inch measurements if your interested.

Because I didn't have measurements, I made it long enough to fit four sleeves on the 42 inch length of fabric.

 Cut the hand towel in two.

 I was thinking to use 12 inches in length, but the towel was 15 so I went with it so I wouldn't have to sew bias tape all the way around.  The half towel is folded over in the picture.  It's easy to fudge this.  Cut a rounded curve for the neckline and line as a slant for the sleeve with just a curve at the end.

 Sew both right sides to the top edge of the sleeve cut of the towel so that when they are pressed, the right sides show on both the inside and outside of the bib.

Sew bias tape around the sleeve area.

Sew the sleeve shut by tacking the corner to the bottom of the sleeve.

Sew the tie to the neckline.

I used 30 inches for the tie across.  I start by sewing in the middle and going outward twice.

When I mail, I tend to just turn boxes inside out.  By the way, these potatoes are delicious.

The finished package ready for me to label and ship.

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