Saturday, July 6, 2013

McCall's 6310 - Sort Of

After fabric shopping in the morning with my MIL, Q, the girls, and I visited his parents for July 4th.  While there I managed to acquire this:
 You can't tell what it is from the picture, so I'll elaborate.  Those are at least 10 (and maybe as many as 20) dresses that she cut out for the girls at various times, but that she never had the time to complete.  She's had a number of issues in her life that have distracted her from sewing and now the pile had become intimidating and she was having a hard time getting started sewing again so I agreed to take them off her hands.

The top one was most of a version of McCall's 6310, but not quite all of it.  The only pattern pieces that came with it were the skirt pieces so the resulting dress is not exactly 6310, but the skirt, front bodice, and straps.  There isn't a zipper or a loop and the straps aren't a continual piece, like I think the pattern was designed to have.
 Sorry about the blurriness of this picture, but the bear cub wouldn't stop dancing around.  This is the best of a bunch of pictures that I took.

One down, a bunch more to go.

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