Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tiramisu Version 13

This is the last tiramisu from my most recent batch.  The fabric is an ITY knit from my cousin.  I love the colors on this.  After finishing these last five on Monday morning, I switched into this one to wear.

Normally I'm pretty careful about pattern placement, but obviously I didn't recognize that this pattern would come out like it did.  I think in real life it doesn't look as prominent as it does in this picture.



  1. You are loving that tiramisu and looking great in it too

    1. Thank you. I really am, too. I wanted to share my joy in this dress to my sisters and I offered one of my versions to two of my sisters. My older sister found that my version needs a slightly bigger top and waist band (she's significantly taller than me) and my younger sister said it wasn't her style.