Monday, July 1, 2013

Sway in Austin

I'm visiting my mom and sister S in Austin. S and I left the girls with my mom and had our very first sister date.  We went to Sway, a modern Thai restaurant.

It's a beautiful restaurant with lost of ambiance.  We planned on ordering all the appetizers, but even being capable of great feats of gluttony, we only managed to split four and that was too much.  We had the Prawn Miange (very spicy and weird texture, but very good), the Po-Pea Jay (also good, but other than the tomato vinegar pretty much what you could get anywhere else), the chicken wings (good, needs the lime served with it squeezed over it for that added punch), and the Satay (definitely taste the red chili peanut sauce they serve on the dish with it).

If you like Thai food I highly recommend it.  If you don't like Thai food, you should still go for dessert.  Order the banana split.  It seriously was the best banana split I have ever eaten in my life.  They make the ice cream, the maraschino cherries, brownie bits, and everything else there.  I will be returning to try one or more of their other dishes and I will definitely leave room for the banana split.

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