Saturday, July 20, 2013


This isn't really MIL UFO #5, but I'm not counting the ones that don't get shown.

My SIL posted the following on facebook about the Drama Princess:
"My daughter has just informed me the reason why she has so many stuffed animal is because grandma will buy her anything..."

We actually already knew this.  The reason that I'm mentioning it is because while my daughters don't get anywhere near as many stuffed animals, my nerdlet likes to ask for fabric.  When we go to the fabric stores, my MIL often comes home with fabric to make one or more of the girls clothing, especially the nerdlet who likes to handpick her fabric.  This is one of the fabrics that I would have tried to talk her out of, but my MIL just said okay and picked up a yard.  It actually has grown on me a lot since making the dress.  You can't see it but it sparkles from some sort of glitter in the fabric, which is quilting cotton.

I learned something making this dress.  When making piping, either make the trip to the store that has piping cord or order it online and wait for it to show up.  I decided to improvise by braiding 1/16" nylon crochet thread and while it works, it really is not worth the time and hassle.  I only braided about 100 inches and it took forever and I kept having to untangle knots.  I really felt the fabric needed something more to really look like a dress for a little girl.

Here the nerdlet is in action in her new dress.  The bear cub is wearing another finished MIL UFO that was made for the nerdlet, but was handy this morning so on the bear cub it went.

The girls were dancing around to this guy, who was one of the entertainers hired by Six Flags.  He was quite good and played a song just for the nerdlet upon request.

And here is a glimpse of the back.  There was no matching of design because that would a)take more fabric and b) wasn't cut out by me anyway.

I really like how much the piping adds to the dress and I'll likely pick up some cord the next time I hit Jo-Anns, or I might just try using the 1/16" crochet thread in a single piece and see how that goes.  I probably won't do it though until I make my way through the current UFO pile.


  1. Cute! I confess, I tend to use mid-weight yarn in my piping. So far, it's turned out well. My mom is always buying my kids stuff, too.

    1. Thanks, I'll try the yarn if I need to. On the kids clothing, it passed through my mind not to use cording at all so I'm guessing that the nylon thread or mid-weight yard would work fine. I certainly will not be braiding cording again.

  2. Very cute dress! My Bear would love the fabric too :)