Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alexander again

Christie is doing another fantastic fundraiser for Alexander's adoption. For those just tuning in, Alexander is a child with Down syndrome that has been transferred from an orphanage to a mental institution for adults. The adoption is so very close to being fully funded and this should certainly get them to their goal. Each entry per item is $1.00 and there are a lot of very nice items, including a Kindle, a diamond and sapphire pendant, and gift cards. There are more than that, click the link to check it out and help save a life. As always, you can donate without entering the drawings.

Interested in having your own bundle of joy with an extra super special chromosome and weren't blessed by having a biological one of your own? Check out Reece's Rainbow. I cannot adequately express how wonderful it is to have a child with Down syndrome in your life and what a blessing it is for the rest of the family and siblings. I've listed some of the many benefits of having a child with Down syndrome in a previous post so I won't go into them again, but I think that everyone should have one, and like a lot of families that already have one, I would love to have another in the future.

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