Friday, May 6, 2011

Bohemian Dress part 3

I cut out the fabric last night, and I realized that I had made a couple of mistakes on my first two posts that I have since corrected. This is the first post, and here is the second.

To cut out the top front piece easily, I simply cut out the length of the bottom of the piece by the height of the piece as a rectangle and then I cut the missing triangle out. For all the pieces, I used my rotary cutter and mat.

After you cut the pieces, line up the top front pieces overlapping by the seam allowance for the skirt (so that the bottom overlaps 5/8"). Then cut out a neckline in the back that you would be comfortable with. You can line up a woven blouse for comparison, trace it off from a pattern, or just make a guess (which I had to do because the nerdlet was asleep and all her clothes are in a room the girls share).

If you are doing facing instead of binding on the neck opening, I would take about six inches around the opening and copy that off. Cut the pieces out of fabric and interfacing. Here is a picture of what I mean.

Now, all that is left is the actual sewing and some elastic insertion.

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