Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Veggie Box

I got my fruit and vegetables!

My box was slightly different than was posted yesterday. Instead of herb and shallots, I got fennel. Here are the individual pictures of everything and weight. For reference, that is a large bowl about 10 inches across the top.

This is a LOT of Kale. About two bunches of what you would buy in the grocery store. Also, I tried to buy Kale this week and the three closest grocery stores did not have any in stock.


Pretty standard looking salad mix. It does not look like it has any arugula in it, which is good, because neither Q nor I cares for arugula.

Red beets. I've never made beets before. I don't know whether I'll make the beet brownie recipe from Greenling or try something else.

1/2 pound green beans.

Beautiful looking summer squash. These are much nicer than anything I have ever seen in any grocery store. I'm thinking I make make a soup. Squash and zucchini used to be the only food that the nerdlet wouldn't touch, but she has fairly recently nixed that by eating fried zucchini from Olive Garden, so I may batter and pan fry some.

Two heirloom tomatoes. Not as aesthetically appealing maybe as I would pick out, but as good as most tomatoes from the garden.

Sweet potatoes. These have such a unique feel to them that I wonder about how long sweet potatoes take to get to the grocery store. This is perfect because I'm going to introduce sweet potato to Darth Baby this week. I'll wrap them in foil and cook them in the crock pot along with some other foods for her. One crock pot half full makes for a lot of baby food.

Good looking, but small mango. I'm pretty sure this is one of the varieties that my mom is allergic to.

Overall, I'm rather pleased, but I won't order the local box again. I compared what I received to their page of selling them individually here and I would have gotten more by picking the items out individually. Also, I was afraid that I would get arugula or something that Q would outright refuse to eat and this way I avoid that possibility. The cost from their page to the local HEB (usually cheaper than Target or Walmart or Costco, which are my other grocery store choices in the area) varies a bit. Some of it is cheaper, some of it is spot on, and some is quite a bit more expensive, but and it is a bit BUT the quality of what I received is excellent, so I will definitely be ordering from them in the future. I just won't be choosing the local box.

For anyone wanting to try it themselves, they can use this coupon to save on their order KIMHUG241. There is a minimum purchase of $25. I think it is definitely worth it to not take my kids to the grocery store and especially considering the quality of what I received. Just make sure there is lots of room in your refrigerator.

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