Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disney Embroidery Revisted

I know that all my 9 readers are waiting in anticipation to see what I did with the upside down embroidery. My first thought and one suggested often was to use the embroidery as a patch and sew it to another shirt, but my neither of my SILs are the type to want to use something imperfect and since the particular embroidery takes 1 1/2 hours to embroider, I didn't want it to not be worn. My next thought was to turn it into a pillowcase for one of the girl's travel pillows, but then I would likely end up making two more so that they would all have one. I finally decided to tailor the shirt to fit the nerdlet and fashion it a little. First I cut the top of the front of the shirt to fit the nerdlet and have a slight yoke.

Then I cut off the embroidery from the top so that I could turn it around.

Then I gathered the top to fit the yoke and sewed the bottom back on. Then I cut the back to fit the nerdlet there and sewed the front to back.

The nerdlet was unwilling to pose for pictures, but she let me put it on her to check the fit and it's just about right, especially for play or sleep, if I can ever get her to not want to wear a dress.

Just to prove that I can actually place them correctly here are the embroidered tops for my niece and nephew that will be finished after I check the sizing, since both are quite thin.

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