Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Since finishing the t-shirts for my nieces and nephews, I've been making pillowcases. One standard sized pillow case.

And a bunch of travel sized pillowcases are in the works. Each of my girls has a travel pillow, but this was the first one for Darth Baby.

I finished off the middle one in this picture (which the nerdlet quickly claimed as hers) and should finish off the two others tonight or tomorrow.

The measurements for the standard pillowcase:
27" x 45" for the main piece
3-6" x 45" for the flange
12" x 45" for the end fabric (this is completely folded over so the end length is less than 6")
*you can go as low as 40" for the width of each, but no lower, and I'd suggest at least 42"

For the travel pillowcases:
14" x 28" for the main piece
3" x 28" for the flange, if using one
14" x 28" for the end fabric

Want a pillowcase, but don't want to make one yourself? Christie has added two pillowcases (made by Lori, a mom to a teenage with Ds) to her fundraising giveaway and each entry is $1.00. You can see the two pillowcase here and here. Of course, there are still other choices on the fundraiser other than the pillowcases, or you can just donate. There are only five days left though.

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