Monday, May 9, 2011


Q took me to South Padre Island for Mother's Day. It was our first vacation as a couple (if you don't count the two weekend 14 hour each way drives to Illinois for his family reunions, once while I was pregnant with the nerdlet and once while I was barely pregnant with the bear cub). We had planned to take all the girls, but my mom generously offered to watch them and our dogs for the weekend. One of the many great things about my mom is that she doesn't ever make us feel like we are burdening her by watching her grandkids and the animals. We don't even have to ask, she volunteers. We decided to take the nerdlet after all because we didn't want her to miss seeing the beach. I wanted to take all three, but I decided to be selfish and have a vacation without diapers (mostly because I didn't know how easy it would be to change them on the beach).

Here is a shot of the nerdlet's first glimpse of the beach.

We showed up late Friday (it's a little over five hours to get there) and the nerdlet wasn't willing to get closer than 100 feet without being carried. She did, however, have great fun playing in the heated pool and by heated, I mean it was at least 90 degrees.

We got up early on Saturday and Q and the nerdlet made sandcastles from 7:30 to about 10:30 in the morning.

Then we went to Bobz World, which we had seen driving down. The nerdlet apparently was expecting to see dinosaurs and sea monsters when going to the beach and kept asking when she was going to see them so we had to take her (though the sea monsters never happened, she was so disappointed). The inside was a big souvenir shop.

We saw this sign and joked that they must be advertising the island prostitute. It turned out it was just a fashion shop.

Then we went back to the hotel and all took a nap. When the nerdlet woke up, she started crying that she missed the bear cub. We decided that we would leave that evening instead of Sunday. Before leaving though we made another trip to the beach and another trip to the pool.

A lot of people comment on the nerdlet's curls, but nothing beats the amount of curl after salt water. My hair has never been this curly.

Q and I actually felt pretty bad that the bear cub didn't get to experience the beach and we plan on going again fairly soon and taking all the girls (and maybe the puppies) next time.

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