Sunday, June 19, 2011

People Can Be So Nice

My debit card expired this month. I had gotten the new one but had accidentally left it on my computer. I didn't realize that the old card would not be good through the end of the month or I would have been more careful. So I went grocery shopping after the gym on Friday with the three girls on the way home. When I tried to check out and it rejected my card, I was really out of luck as I didn't have any other way of paying. I really didn't want to reshop for all the things I had and was trying to convince them to leave it in the cart so that I could pay for it after coming back. They wouldn't do that so I called my husband so that he could bring the new card. While I was doing that a couple of customers paid for my groceries and left. So I couldn't even thank them properly. When the cashier told me to call my husband back and tell him never mind, I burst into tears. To anyone that has done anything like this before, THANK YOU!!! Anyway, I intend to pass it on and will be donating the amount of my groceries to one of the Reece's Rainbow kids.

After I had gotten home, it occurred to me that I knew the new expiration and the security code on the back and that I should have asked them to key it in. Le Sigh.